About Me

Every Texan girl’s (Jeffrey Campbell) boots were made for walking, traveling and navigating through life and love in search of somewhere– and someone, special!

When a Texas fed, Texas bred Nigerian American girl named Jennifer met a South Korean boy named Junho in 2011, sparks flew. They soon fell all the way in love and shared their lives (and attempted to exchange their languages).

After Junho left, Jennifer followed him to Seoul, South Korea in the summer of 2012. What happened next wasn’t a happy ending.

It was a happy beginning.

After living, loving and getting lost (and found) in Seoul, South Korea for three months– who said she just studied abroad?, Jennifer finally returned to her family and friends back home in Austin, Texas.

Jennifer also started a blog, Western Girl Eastern Boy, and finished law school, graduating from the University of Texas School of Law in 2014 at 24 years young!

Currently, Jennifer lives and works in Seoul, South Korea where she is pursuing her professional and personal dreams. By day she is a legal and marketing consultant, and by night she is a super blogger!