My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2014 Edition


2014 was a total hit or miss year for Korean dramas, with some really good ones and some really, really bad ones!

My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2014 Edition

The following Korean dramas are sure to make you laugh or cry– sometimes both, as the leads fall in love and find whatever it is they’re looking for (but sometimes they do get a little lost along the way).

1. My Love From Another Star — The Most Talked About Korean Drama Of 2014


In this drama starring Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Hae Jin and Yoo Inna, an alien from another planet lands in Korea and falls in love with a top Hallyu star.

2. Secret Love Affair — My Favorite Korean Drama Of 2014


A married woman falls in love with a much younger boy. Her marriage, career and entire life start to collapse around her slowly, but will love save her– and what will happen to him?

3. A Witch’s Romance — The Sexiest Korean Drama Of 2014

Witch's Romance~

A single woman falls for a much younger guy, and hijinks ensue thanks to the the cute, bubbly relationship between the two leads, played by Uhm Jung Hwa and Park Seo Joon.

4. High School King Of Savvy — The Funniest Korean Drama Of 2014


This Korean drama about a high school boy turned CEO was so good I couldn’t stop watching. I loved the ending, but I know just as many people hated it. *Shrugs*

5. Fated To Love You — The Most Romantic Korean Drama Of 2014


I was skeptical of Jang Hyuk in a role like this one– I last saw him playing a slave in Chuno after all, but he pulled off Mr. Charming Chaebol and gave him his own unique, Jang Hyuk-spin.

6. You’re All Surrounded — The Most Action Packed Korean Drama Of 2014


This is another Korean drama that made my must-watch list– but barely. Of course, I might be a little more than biased when it comes to this Korean drama… *cough* Cha Seung Won *cough*

7. Bad Guys — The Most Suspenseful Korean Drama Of 2014


Park Hae Jin plays a psychopath who may also be the serial killer behind the death of a very angry detective. When he and two other convicts are asked to solve crimes, will they be able to live like humans– or die like bad guys?

8. Misaeng — The Must-Watch Korean Drama Of 2014


Office life and so much more as these interns struggle to fit in and figure out the future. The story sounds simple, but once you start watching you won’t be able to stop.

9. Joseon Gunman — The Best Sageuk Of 2014


I went back and watching this Korean drama in 2015, but belated or not it totally belongs on my must-watch list thanks to Lee Joon Gi and a supporting cast that make history (and guns) kind of cool.

Now, as you’ve seen I’ve decided not to watch any of the divorce dramas (Emergency Couple and Sly and Single Again), medical dramas (New Leaf, Doctor Stranger and Angel Eyes) or cop dramas (Gap Dong and You’re All Surrounded) that aired this year.

I also passed on Trot Lovers and My Secret Hotel as well. I tried to watch the latter but couldn’t get past the first few episodes without falling asleep. It’s Okay, It’s Love just seems absolutely crazy. So, even though I love Gong Hyo Jin– I’ll pass on this Korean drama (for now).

Just when I was about to give up on Korean Dramas, I’ve been pulled back in!

You can watch a bunch of new and old Korean dramas on my favorite site where I watch high quality videos with high quality English subtitles, MyAsianTv. And, you can also check out my past Korean drama must-watch lists (if you haven’t yet).

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