My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2013 Edition


Thankfully, 2013 is turning out to be another year full of  “must-watch” Korean dramas. So, here are some of mine!

My Must-Watch Korean Dramas: 2013 Edition

Ever since 2008 I’ve been a hardcore fan of Korean dramas. Now, everyone I know from family to friends to complete strangers seems to be watching them! The stunning visuals, the heart-warming but tear-jerking stories, the unforgettable soundtracks and the feels make Korean dramas so addicting.

But, for me, what really makes Korea dramas so addicting is that they have characters I can actually relate to. I mean, it beats watching almost anything on American cable television, which I don’t watch– ever! Some of my friends have watched hundreds of Korean dramas, but I’m a lot pickier about mine.

Maybe because I’m an avid reader and obsessive writer. I really care about everything from the acting to the story-line to the soundtrack. Cinematography matters, too, and having strong leads and strong supporting roles might be what separates a great drama from a good one.

Anyway, you can find the long list of Korean dramas that I’ve watched and loved over the years HERE.

1. I Can Hear Your Voice — The Best Korean Drama Of 2013

I Hear Your Voice~

A bad little girl turns into a big, bad prosecutor, but when the little boy she saved a long time ago finally finds her again, her whole world is turned upside down as he reads her mind and her heart.

2. The Master’s Sun — The Best Korean Drama Couple Of 2014

The Master's Sun~

A selfish CEO, played by So Ji Sub, meets an insomniac with the ability to see ghosts, played by Gong Hyo Jin, in this dark and delicious romantic comedy by the famed screenwriting duo, the Hong Sisters.

3. Good Doctor — The Most Heartwarming Korean Drama Of 2014

Good Doctor~

An autistic little boy dreams of becoming a doctor, and as he overcomes his disabilities, he also overcomes his painful past and finds success and love in the present.

4.  Marry Him If You Dare — The Craziest Korean Drama Of 2014

Marry Him If You Dare~

What would you do if the future “you” suddenly showed up and forced you to wake up in order to keep you from making mistakes only she knows about? Find out as Mirae meets her future self and is forced to change her present!

5. Unemployed Romance — The Cutest Korean Drama Of 2013

Unemployed Romance~

“An aspiring drama writer living off her unemployment checks bumps into her first love, who just so happens to be the one issuing her checks.”

6. Heirs — The Most Talked About Korean Drama Of 2013


“Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho star in this trendy high school drama about chaebols as they form friendships and fall in love for the first time.” Wait– that’s Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Ae AND Kim Woo Bin!

7. Let’s Eat! — The Must-Watch Korean Drama Of 2013

Let's Eat~

One of my favorite actresses– Lee Soo Kyung, in a really fun, down to earth story about a divorced woman living alone– and all her pesky and pretty neighbors. Oh, and there’s LOTS of (Korean) food porn, too!

8. The Queen Of Office — The Funniest Korean Drama Of 2013

Queen of Office~

The amazing Kim Hye Soo stars in this Korean drama about an independent contractor who jumps from job to job until she starts working in one office where she meets people who become more than coworkers but friends and family.

So, what are some of your must-watch Korean dramas?

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